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December Newsletter 2022

Principal’s Message

December is upon us and with it comes all the excitement that the season brings. The holiday season is about many different celebrations and people welcome the time to gather with family and friends. There is also hope that our holidays will continue to bring connection and a focus on the spirit of giving to those that need it the most.

This holiday season, I hope you will join me in taking a few moments to reflect on the positive impact our students, parents, teachers and staff all make each and every day to this school community and to each other. I am very proud of the strong emphasis we place on relationships and caring in our school, in addition to excellence in teaching and learning. I would like to take this opportunity to extend my own wishes of peace, love, joy and hope, to each member of our Brookside school community. Have a wonderful holiday season, with time for celebration, relaxation and joyful experiences with family and friends.


CREATE JOY - is the theme of our days learning and playing together, and also the title of our upcoming holiday concert. This year due to our growing enrollment our concert will “star” only our students in Kindergarten to grade 3. Showings for our family audience will be on Tuesday, December 20th at 12 noon and an evening performance that night at 6:30. #savethedate


Our virtue for December is Compassion. Compassion is showing care and consideration.  It is being kind and forgiving to someone who has hurt you and it is helping someone, even if you do not know them.  At this time of year, it is important to talk to your children about having compassion for others.  Children need to recognize that compassion means helping someone who is being teased on the yard, sharing a compliment or donating to those in need.  Saying a kind word to someone who is having a bad day can make a world of difference to that person.  Encourage compassion.  Show you care.

Brookside BullDogs Give Back Drive

In support of the North Huron Community Food Share CKNX Relief Truck.  The Drive continues until December 5th. Thank you so much for your donations - it feels good to be able to help our community

One Stop Shop School Council Fundraiser

Thank you for your generous support for this fundraiser!  Pick up December 1st. We will message a time closer to the date. We raised $3,268.51 

A special shout out to Anne Marie Kraft, Miriah Drennan and Natalie Miltenburg for all their work to make this happen and Ms. Cook in the office.  We are so grateful.

Remembrance Day - Thank you to Mr.Macaulay and our student helpers and our guests from the Legion to help us with our assembly.  Thank you also to the Rintoul family, Kinley Irwin and Kathryn McLennan as well for being part of the Lucknow service on our behalf. 

Common Language -

Last month’s newsletter I highlighted HOAP ( honesty, ownership, apology, plan) as a consistent conflict resolution process we use.  You may also hear your child talking about “Size of the Problem”  Along the way, we encounter problems of different sizes that can cause all sorts of emotions. We teach students to use their strategies for figuring out the size of the problems and ultimately match the size of the reaction to the size of the problem. For example, small problems usually result in small reactions or none at all—however, this often requires emotional regulation—and that is easier said than done! In fact, some of us can get stuck focusing on negative emotions instead of solving the problem—which can cause even more problems.

Head Lice: 

As of December 1st, the AMDSB has adjusted their head lice policy, to reflect an increased focus on equity across all areas. Schools will no longer be sending home letters to notify families that there is head lice in a classroom, a change from past practice. All families are encouraged to undertake regular head checks, and follow the direction from Huron Perth Public Health.  Please note that there is no medical exclusion from school for head lice, although it would be very helpful for all students to have undergone a treatment with a recommended product to help kill live lice. If families require assistance in procuring these products, please contact the school, as we are happy to help.

IMPORTANT Dates: (will also be posted on our website calendar for your convenience)

December 1 - One Stop Shop Fundraiser Pick up 

December 7 - Junior Triple Ball tournament at GDCI

December 8 - Photo Retake Day (and for all those that missed first day)

December 9 - Flannel Friday spirit day

December 12 - Grade ⅘ and ⅚ Field and Forest Program

December 14 -January and February Pizza and Milk orders close -please don't ask us to accept late orders 

December 20 - Create Joy concert for Family - 12:00 noon and 6:30 showings (Snow date:Dec 22)

December 21-23 - Wear Festive Clothing Days

December 23 - Last day of classes for 2022

January 9 - First day of classes for 2023

**As reminders please have the following for your students:

  • Indoor Shoes
  • Water Bottle
  • Label hats, mitts and other belongings 

The Attendance “Tip of the Month” for December: Some students struggle to motivate themselves to attend school prior to the winter break, while others have difficulty returning to school following it. Encourage your child to attend every day prior to the holiday even if school routines and programs vary. If your child’s sleep routine changes during the holiday, you can help by gradually re-establishing regular bedtimes and wake up times prior to the first day back to school in January. For more tips on how to improve school attendance, check out the iAM Here Attendance Campaign website:

Before and After School Program 2023-2024 Survey


Avon Maitland District School Board is committed to helping make the school day as seamless as possible for families.  

To help us determine the potential need for Before and After Programs, we ask parents/guardians to share their tentative childcare needs for September of the next school year (2023) by completing an online survey no later than Friday, December 9th.


Survey link on the AMDSB website: (Our Programs/Elementary/Before and After School Program)

Or access it here

Should you require a paper copy, please contact the school. 

We appreciate your assistance.  By completing the survey, this information will help us determine the feasibility of offering before and after-school programs at AMDSB school locations.

Bus Route and Weather Cancellations

Route and weather cancellations can occur at any time. Please use the following sites to stay informed.  Huron Perth Transportation Services Website:

Bus Planner Alerts Page:

BusPlanner® Delays APP: Indicates if the cancellation is AM or PM or All Day. As soon as a notification is posted to the BusPlanner® Website, it appears as a notification on the app. Please subscribe.  You also will want to have Notifications in your phone turned on for the APP so you can be alerted when there are delays and cancellations.

School Bus Provider:   Montgomery Bus Lines 519-357-9191

Radio:     AM 920 CKNX

                 FM 101.7 The One

                 FM 94.5 The Bull

                 Country FM 104.9              

Drop Off & Dismissal Procedures

Students can be dropped off at 8:40-8:45 am.

Students will be dismissed from class at 3:05pm.

Supervision is not available outside of these times.